Children’s Books

Awesome Joss and the Monarchs, Veramendi Creative Works, 2019.

Luciana y el barco sandía/Luciana and the Watermelon Boat, Veramendi Creative Works, 2018.

“Adventures of a Water Drop,” Santillana Book Publishers, 2006.

“Out and About on the Mayflower,” “The Story of Hellen Keller,” “Wet!” “Little Book of Bridges,” “Dad’s Gift,” and “Touchdown at Space Camp,” Scott Foresman Reading, Scott Foresman, 2000.

“The Two Brothers: based on a Middle Eastern folktale,” “City Mouse and Country Mouse: based on a Greek fable,” “Why the Owl Says, “Who:” based on a Southwestern U.S. folktale,” “Can We Go to the Beach Today?” “A Healthy Girl,” “The Singing Cat,” and “TV in Two Languages,” Parade, Scott Foresman, 1997 and 2000.

“Salsa y sopa,” BBC, 1995. Radio and Print.

“En busca del oro,” “Gabriela Mistral: Maestra y poetisa de las Américas,” Scott Foresman Reading, Scott Foresman, 1987.